Do you suffer from stiffness and/or misalignment of spine? Chances are you do.

At Edinburgh pain clinic the majority of our patients have issues with one or both of these issues.

The result? Constant pain and discomfort.  At Edinburgh Back Pain Clinic, TAMARS back pain treatment is one of our go-to treatments for stubborn back pain.



So what is TAMARS, and how does it work?

TAMARS is also known as Technology Assisted Mobilization and Reflex Stimulation. The treatment is administered by your therapist using a special device. This device allows your therapist to alternate levels of depth and pressure.
The result? An effective therapy solution optimized for your unique needs.

Using the TAMARS device, your therapist administers treatment using three different modes:

  • We use Spasm Mode at the beginning and end of each session. Why? To put your muscles of the back into a delicious state of deep relaxation.

  • Reflex Mode is then used to stimulate your spinal reflexes. Your therapist will move the TAMARS device rapidly up and down your spine, tapping the ends of your spinal muscles. This creates a rapid reflex movement in individual vertebrae.



The benefit?

This reflex then allows for the correction of any misalignment of your spine. During this process, we are able to treat your entire spine. This allows for a holistic improvement of movement in the entire spine rather than in one spot.

As a result, we'll improve the health of your spine as a whole. And that means your whole back will feel better with each treatment.

Mobilizing Mode comes from a tried-and-true mobilizing technique known as Maitland mobilization. This therapy is known to reduce stiffness in the back. By using the TAMARS device to enhance this technique, your therapist will induce the perfect amount of pressure. And that means effective, long-lasting relief.



How does it work?

Your therapist will alternate pressure over diagonally-opposed transverse processes in your adjacent vertebral pairs. By applying pressure on one side and then the other, the handset allows us to exercise each of your vertebrae in turn along your entire spine.

The result? Pure heaven.

The overall TAMARS treatment alternates between all three modes of treatment. Using TAMARS, we'll loosen and soothe the muscles of the back while fixing alignment. Your therapist is able to adjust pressure, duration and the depth of each mode to your suit your needs.
Looking for long-lasting and complete relief from back pain? Call today to find out more about how TAMARS treatment will benefit you.